The 2009 Regional Transportation Plan (RTP)
for the San Francisco Bay Area

The 2009 RTP that MTC adopted in April fails to set a policy direction towards a more sustainable transportation system:

  1. The HOT lane system that is the RTP’s centerpiece will encourage more single-occupant driving. Because the threat of climate change demands urgent steps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, this is incredibly irresponsible and short-sighted.
  2. MTC continues to expand the highway system, despite the facts that motor vehicles are the biggest source of greenhouse gas emissions in the region, and that expanding highways increases driving and emissions.
  3. MTC refused to commit to the one program it confirmed as being able to reduce driving, congestion and emissions in the near term: making driving more expensive. This could mean converting freeways to tollways, charging for parking at all worksites and retail locations, raising gas taxes and raising vehicle registration fees.
  4. The RTP leaves transit operators with an $8 billion shortfall in operations funding. This will inevitably result in fare increases and service cuts.
  5. While ignoring these disturbing consequences, MTC continues to insist on spending billions on extremely expensive politically motivated transit projects like the BART extension to San Jose and the SF Central Subway.
  6. MTC made it perfectly clear that its priority is to deliver the projects that the nine Bay Area counties want, even though selecting more cost-effective projects would reduce transit shortfalls. Local politicians set MTC’s priorities.
  7. The RTP asserts that a different selection of projects would have only a small effect on the greenhouse gas emissions. However, MTC refused to evaluate the scenario proposed by TRANSDEF that would have tested this very assertion--or completely debunked it.

At MTC, It’s All About the Pork...

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