The 2013 Regional Transportation Plan/Sustainable Communities Strategy (RTP/SCS)
for the San Francisco Bay Area, or
Plan Bay Area

TRANSDEF filed the following comments on the Draft Environmental Impact Report for the 2013 Regional Transportation Plan/Sustainable Communities Strategy (SCS) for the San Francisco Bay Area:

Comment Letter
Attachments A - D
Attachment E
Attachment F-- SCAG SCS FEIR Appendix G
Attachment H--A New Direction

U.S. PIRG released a very important study, called
A New Direction, which points out the transportation planning consequences of the emerging pattern of millennials driving less. Its Executive Summary is here and the full text is here.

Perhaps the most interesting thing to come out of analyzing the greenhouse gas (GHG) impacts of the SCS was this chart, Attachment E, showing that GHGs are actually in a downtrend in California:

Attachment E

With all the ugly verbiage surrounding the adoption of the plan,
this opinion piece by Marin County Supervisor Katie Rice was especially thoughtful. TRANSDEF offered another viewpoint in the Marin Independent Journal:

Plan Bay Area OpEd

Legal Challenges to Plan Bay Area
Multiple lawsuits were filed, challenging the FEIR for the regional plan under CEQA. Interestingly, they attack the plan from different directions:

Sierra Club/Communities for a Better Environment suit seeks a reduction in greenhouse gases and air pollution that affects communities of color in West Oakland. The “Bay Area Citizens” suit is a right-wing challenge to what it views as an assault on Americans’ God-given right to live in suburbs. The Building Industry Association suit makes interesting claims that have never been litigated: that the regional plan violates SB 375 by not providing for feasible levels of housing for the entire population of the Bay Area, including in-commuters from the Central Valley.

Settlements were reached in two of these cases. The third went to trial, and the verdict was in favor of MTC and ABAG. TRANSDEF has a copy of the Administrative Record for the case, the index for which is available below. Please
contact TRANSDEF for access to any of the nearly 57,000 pages of materials.

Settlement Agreement in CBE v. MTC
Settlement Agreement in BIA v. ABAG

Bay Area Citizens v. ABAG Index to the Administrative Record
Bay Area Citizens v. ABAG Motion for Judgment
Bay Area Citizens v. ABAG Opening Brief
Bay Area Citizens v. ABAG Opposition Brief
Bay Area Citizens v. ABAG Reply Brief
Bay Area Citizens v. ABAG Decision