ARB Not In Touch With Transporation

A collection of TRANSDEF’s comments to the Air Resources Board (ARB) was recently posted:

Testimony to ARB on Regional GHG Emissions Reduction Targets: “These targets will result in increased emissions in this sector, due to population growth. This is going in the wrong direction, and would send the wrong signal to the rest of the world about ARB's view of the need for urgent reductions in GHG emissions.”
ARB’s 2013 Scoping Plan Update: “Staff recognizes the need for "Fundamental transformation of transportation system needed to meet goals" but seems to have little grasp of the institutional barriers to that transformation.”
ARB’s 2014 Update of Regional GHG Emissions Reduction Targets-Draft: “Alarmingly, regional GHG emissions are increasing, despite the legislative intent of SB 375 to generate additional reductions beyond those achievable with statewide measures.”
ARB’s 2014 Update of Regional GHG Emissions Reduction Targets-Final: “Egregiously missing here--in a document about targets, no less--is a quantitative assessment of those reductions, and their level of contribution to the State's goals.”
ARB’s 2015 Scoping Plan Update: “The day-to-day realities of the climate-hostile fields of transportation and infill development are entirely disconnected from the State's climate policies.”
ARB’s Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund Guidelines: “The draft Funding Guidelines and associated Quantification Methodologies are an open invitation to widespread application fraud.”
ARB’s Draft 2015 Investment Plan Update: “TRANSDEF finds the Transportation and Sustainable Communities section of the Draft Concept Paper naive and overconfident in its assumption that the programs will result in the intended emissions reductions.”