Caltrans Leaps into the Present

Caltrans has released its draft California Transportation Plan, or CTP 2040. The draft plan is a dramatic change from decades of status quo thinking. The plan is specifically designed to answer a question posed by the Legislature in 2009’s SB 391: What is needed for California to reduce emissions from motor vehicles to meet the AB 32 and Executive Order GHG emissions reduction targets.

TRANSDEF wrote a series of letters praising the Plan and suggesting improvements. They include
overview comments, detailed comments, and their attachments. Streetsblog wrote an excellent article covering the Plan. Read More...

Caltrans Introduces Smart Mobility

Caltrans offered a workshop last week in Sacramento on their new Smart Mobility Framework.  This is a program that Caltrans has developed in association with EPA.  It takes Smart Growth principles and integrates them into transportation in a manner that environmental activists will find both familiar and heartening.   Read More...