Contra Costa's Measure X

What’s wrong with Measure X?

  • Contra Costa County desperately needs a new Growth Management Plan. Continuing the current pattern of land development will cause congestion to keep getting worse in the future.
  • The First Law of Holes: To keep a hole from getting bigger, stop digging! Contra Costa needs to stop making congestion worse. CCTA refused to use the financial muscle of Measure X to provide cities with incentives to change how they will develop.
  • Contra Costa under Measure X will avoid doing its fair share to reduce greenhouse gases, the cause of climate change.

TRANSDEF agrees strongly with this editorial:

CC Times Editorial-We must better

Here is the rebuttal argument we wrote, that will be in the Voter Guide:

Rebuttal to Arg in Favor of Measure X--Master

Why is a Marin County environmental organization spearheading the fight against Measure X?

TRANSDEF was appointed by the Contra Costa Transportation Authority (CCTA) to be a member of its [sales tax] Expenditure Plan Advisory Committee. We were part of a coalition of environmental, labor, transportation, housing, social justice, faith, civic, and other public interest groups, which produced a comprehensive
Community Vision paper for the Expenditure Plan. While almost none of our coalition partners are supporting Measure X, none of the other organizations ended up actively opposing the Measure. To ensure that there would be a competent presentation of the arguments why Measure X is not what Contra Costa needs to move into the future, TRANSDEF stepped up to the plate.

TRANSDEF has had a
multi-year involvement in Contra Costa’s transportation policy development. We filed extensive comments during the process that led up to CCTA placing Measure X on the November 2016 ballot.