Marin County Transportation and Land Use Planning

TRANSDEF's home base is Marin County, just north of San Francisco. We have offered our suggestions on planning and operating the county’s transportation network to the Transportation Authority of Marin (TAM), yet have been ignored:

A 2003 analysis of Marin’s transportation challenges and a set of strategies to address them, as valid now as it was back then.
TRANSDEF testimony for the 2011 discussion and the 2015 discussion of TAM’s submission for the Regional Transportation Plan. TAM continues to ignore crisis-level congestion, and continue with the status quo. This 2011 TRANSDEF letter, for example, made no difference.

A 2006 letter identifying how to optimize the benefits of the HOV Gap Closure project in San Rafael. Caltrans and TAM have done little to take advantage of this $150+ million investment.

Completing the North-South Bikeway cost-effectively using the railroad trestle south of Sir Francis Drake Blvd.
TAM insisted on selecting an inferior route along the freeway shoulder.

Proposal to test the temporary closure of Hwy. 101 on-ramps to study the effect on Greenbrae Corridor traffic conditions. (TRANSDEF’s proposal is in red, superimposed on TAM’s base map)

A 2013 proposal re: Transportation Demand Management in the Greenbrae Corridor: study where traffic is coming from, where it goes, and whether it is possible to encourage other modes of travel: walk, bike, carpool and transit.
A 2013 proposal to improve traffic flow to the Richmond Bridge. TAM and Caltrans were very slow in responding to the backup leading to the Richmond Bridge, which led to TRANSDEF proposing in 2015 an Interim Opening of the Third Lane on the Bridge. TAM responded with a non-responsive dismissive letter, and then supplemented it with more detailed non-responsive dismissive letter. TRANSDEF included the Bridge issue in its Marin Voice opinion piece on the failure of government.

Here is Marin’s official 2003
Transportation Vision and TRANSDEF’s comments on the Draft Vision. TRANSDEF proposed a new set of Goals for the Transportation Authority of Marin in 2014.

Marin County is suffering from a virulent backlash against state-mandated planning for affordable housing. TRANSDEF offered another viewpoint in the Marin Independent Journal:
Plan Bay Area OpEd

Sears OpEd