The following web resources are especially helpful:

Links to California State Government Documents (Please note that some of these may take substantial time to load):

A useful home page for California climate change issues is the
Climate Action Team site.

The California Air Resources Board held a Spring 2008 symposium on the issue of land use and VMT.
Many useful PowerPoint presentations are available.

As part of the development of the California Air Resources Board's Scoping Plan to respond to the challenges of climate change, the Land Use Subgroup of the Climate Action Team
(LUSCAT) has issued a draft of the report of its strategies to reduce GHG emissions from motor vehicles by changing future land use development patterns.

The California Attorney General has created a
Climate Change page.

National Commission
The National Surface Transportation Policy and Revenue Study Commission produced its Final Report, which contains very forward-thinking recommendations calling for a fresh start with federal transportation programs, a focus on performance outcomes, and congestion pricing.

Peak Oil
For a Primer on Peak Oil.
For a short
introduction to Peak Oil and a set of links to resources.
Global Public Media carries news about Peak Oil.
Post Carbon Institute is a leading site on preparing for a world that doesn't depend on fossil fuels. An important focus is on bringing our lives back to a local focus, which they call "relocalization."
James Howard Kunstler has written and spoken extensively on Peak Oil. The Long Emergency, his book-length exposition of the eventual devastating impacts of Peak Oil on the American way of life, is highly recommended.