Dec 2009

Oakland Airport Connector--Government at its Worst

Guy Span wrote a powerful post on the decision of the BART Board to put itself into serious debt, in the midst of cutting service and not having the funds to replace its cars.

Here’s the comment we posted:

Air District Revising CEQA Guidelines

The Bay Area Air Quality Management District will consider the adoption of new CEQA Thresholds of Significance at a hearing on January 6, 2010 at 9:45 AM. The documents to be considered for approval can be found on their website.

These revisions will result in environmental impact reports that evaluate greenhouse gas emissions. They will also result in obstacles to projects that would add pollution to over-burdened environmental justice communities. TRANSDEF is generally supportive of the leadership the District is offering in this area.

Kopp and Diridon Eat Crow

On December 3rd, the California High-Speed Rail Authority unanimously voted to rescind their certification of the Final EIR for the Bay Area to Central Valley HSR Project, along with the selection of the Pacheco Pass alignment. The CAHSRA was ordered to take these actions by the Sacramento Superior Court, which had found the EIR to be legally inadequate. This is the same case Quentin Kopp had disparaged in the press as "frivolous." Read More...