Feb 2014

TRAC Issues Plan B

The Train Riders Association of California has issued its Plan B, what to do when the HSRA’s project craters. The Plan strategically attempts to use the $2.4 billion in federal ARRA funds before they expire in 2017. This Plan B differs from TRANSDEF’s Plan B, which proposed a wholesale revision of Proposition 1A and a repurposing of the entire $6 billion dollars appropriated for the Central Valley project. That plan has much greater uncertainties, because it would require a return to the voters. The time involved in doing that, given the very short timelines for construction, favors taking a more strategic approach. Hence, TRAC’s Plan B:


New HSR Writings

The HSR section of this website has been made more prominent. Two new pages have been added, along with an overview page. What’s Wrong explains why HSR supporters like TRANSDEF oppose the current HSR project. What to Do offers our suggestions on how to turn the mess caused by the HSRA into something constructive.