Proposition 1A

TRANSDEF Opposed Proposition 1A, the California High-Speed Rail Bond Measure

The TRANSDEF Board adopted a position of opposition to the Proposition: TRANSDEF strongly supports High-Speed Rail, but feels the current California High-Speed Rail Authority Board and its staff cannot be trusted. Therefore, TRANSDEF opposes Proposition 1A. The President of TRANSDEF, David Schonbrunn, debated Quentin Kopp, the Chairman of the California High-Speed Rail Authority, on October 22, 2008 on KALW-FM. A podcast is available here. (A broadband connection is needed to download this 27 Mb mp3 file.)

High-Speed Rail expert Joseph Vranich testified in 2008 before the California Senate Transportation and Housing Committee on the flaws of the High-Speed Rail Authority’s proposal, and concluded “It’s time to dissolve the California High-Speed Rail Authority.” Nearly a decade later, that recommendation is even more appropriate.

Here’s a podcast of a KGO-AM show about Prop. 1A. David Schonbrunn appears about 15 minutes in. (Note that there are several minutes of banter before the 1A segment starts).

An opinion piece by TRANSDEF’s President that ran in the Marin Independent Journal September 8, 2015:

Marin Ij Oped 2015

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