Regional Transportation Plan Guidelines
TRANSDEF has been active in a Working Group of the California Transportation Commission that updates the state’s official Regional Transportation Plan Guidelines. Starting in 2007 with an update in response to AB 32, the Group drafted Climate Change-Responsive RTP Guidelines to accommodate the requirements of SB 375. The 2017 RTP Guidelines saw a serious backlash against this document by the Metropolitan Planning Organizations, to which TRANSDEF responded with comments on the 2016 Draft and a stinging critique of where the update process was heading.

The California Transportation Plan
Caltrans issued its draft update of the California Transportation, CTP 2040, in 2015. TRANSDEF was very laudatory in its comments. As the plan went through the review process, however, the draft plan was taken down from the official CTP 2040 site, never to be seen again. By the time the Final CTP 2040 was approved in 2016, much of the text on reducing GHG emissions had been stripped out. TRANSDEF’s comments acknowledged that the Plan represented a significant cultural shift for Caltrans, but criticized the final document for failing to provide an action plan for an 80% reduction in GHGs. In its later comments on the draft Guidelines for the CTP Update process, TRANSDEF accused Caltrans of intentionally violating SB 391, the law that direct the CTP to plan for the needed 80% reduction in GHGs.

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