Why Do We Oppose Regional Measure 3?

Our allies oppose Regional Measure 3 because it will cost $3.00 more to use bridges, and because the measure unfairly places the burden of paying for regional transportation improvements on  bridge users, a relatively small subset of the population. In other words, it is a tax, even though the Legislature called for it being approved by only a majority vote. This is unconstitutional.

As transportation advocates, TRANSDEF also opposes Regional Measure 3 because it won’t do what it claims. See our paper Why Environmentalists Should Oppose RM3. Instead of reducing traffic, Regional Measure 3 will trap the Bay Area in an ever-worsening traffic nightmare. See the media we’ve collected on this theme and our analysis of the Expenditure Plan. Here are the ballot arguments we wrote that will be in the Marin Voter Guide:


Filed Marin Argument

Filed Marin Rebuttal

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