Cap and Trade Guidelines for Transit

Cap and Trade Guidelines
for Transit

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comments on January 30, 2014 on the draft
Guidelines for the
State Transportation
distribution of cap and trade
funds to transit and intercity rail. The program,
called the Transit and Intercity Rail Capital
Program, will receive an ongoing 10% of cap and
trade auction revenues. The final

Guidelines were adopted today, and differed
from the draft in the areas highlighted in yellow.
None of the changes responded to our comments.

Our comments addressed the ongoing problem with large
transportation projects: they promise too much and
deliver too little, at a vastly higher price than
initially promised. We wrote up a case study of MTC
which we called Politics Trumps Outcomes
that identifies the
politicization of project selection as the root
reason why the Bay Area has lower transit
ridership now than it did thirty years ago.

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