Hospital Required to Mitigate GHGs

Hospital Required to
Mitigate GHGs

03/28/12 Filed in:

TRANSDEF, along with
fellow litigants the Sierra Club and the California
Nurses Association, prevailed in a challenge to
Sonoma County’s approval of a new Sutter Hospital on
the fringe of Santa Rosa. They challenged the
Environmental Impact Report as being inadequate in
mitigating greenhouse gases, because of the site
being totally auto-dependent. After several hearings
and appearances before a judge, the County agreed to
require Sutter Hospital to provide a shuttle to the
hospital from the nearest SMART rail station. Sutter
will also provide free bus and train passes to its
employees, in addition to other incentives for
vanpooling and carpooling.

These may possibly be the first mitigations in
California imposed specifically for GHG impacts.
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