Judge’s decision also endangers $3.3 billion in federal funds

Judge’s decision also endangers $3.3 billion in federal funds

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Judge’s decision also endangers $3.3 billion in federal funds
California high-speed rail plans stopped in tracks
High-speed rail financing struck down by judge, project in jeopardy
Bullet train snag could affect Transbay Terminal
Sacramento judge’s ruling throws bullet train’s future in doubt
Locals Participated in High-Speed Rail Court Case (This Bakersfield Californian article is no longer available.)
EDITORIAL: Pump the brakes on ‘bullet’train
Dan Walters: High-Speed Rail ‘blended system’ may help derail it: It’s time for a backspace-delete. Brown should acknowledge that the project as now planned is doomed and either kill it or go back to the voters with a revision that includes realistic routes and costs and lays out how it will be financed. “If it’s worth doing — a debatable point — it’s worth doing right and not with legal sleight-of-hand and pie-in-the-sky financing.” 

Famous Last Words Department: 
High speed rail chief says lawsuits won’t stop projectJeff Morales, Californiaʼs high-speed rail chief, says heʼs confident lawsuits filed by South Valley local officials will not stop the project.” 

Best British Understatement Department: 
The Economist: California’s high-speed rail authority emphasised what the judge did not do, telling reporters it was “important to stress” that Mr Kenny did not cancel the project altogether. But if that is a victory, it is not clear how many more wins California high-speed rail can handle.”

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