Kopp and Diridon Eat Crow

Kopp and Diridon Eat

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On December 3rd, the
California High-Speed Rail Authority unanimously
voted to rescind their certification of the Final EIR
for the Bay Area to Central Valley HSR Project, along
with the selection of the Pacheco Pass alignment. The
CAHSRA was ordered to take these actions by the
Sacramento Superior Court, which had found the EIR to
be legally inadequate. This is the same case Quentin
Kopp had disparaged in the press as “frivolous.”

Our allies, the CA Rail Foundation, issued this press
release. The San Jose Business Journal published the
key quote from the release: “He describes the
high-speed rail proposal as “so badly bungled that,
despite spending $250 million to date, there is still
no feasible project on the horizon.”

This truthtelling so infuriated Robert Cruickshank,
chief apologist for the CAHSRA, that he wrote an
entire blog attacking the press release. It turns out
that Mr. Cruickshank actually doesn’t understand the
legalities of what he so ardently professes. See the
TRANSDEF response at the bottom of the blog.

The attorney for the plaintiffs wrote an analysis of
the significance of the Court’s decision that led to
the recission vote.

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