Republicans call on DOT to explain its largesse to CA HSR

The best thing to have come out of Washington D.C. in decades: A letter from Committee Chairs (or Ranking Members) in the Senate and House asking Secretary of Transportation Buttigieg to explain why his Department gave CA HSR a $3.2 billion grant, despite its inability to show how that project will ever be useful to anyone:

Congressional Letter to Sec. Buttigieg on HSR

This letter bears a striking resemblance to TRANSDEF’s analysis from a decade ago as to why CA’s HSR project can never work.

We also remind everyone that HSR would be running now if the CHSRA had not rejected the proposal by the French Railway firm SNCF to build between LA and San Francisco, using I-5 and the Altamont Corridor, as they had concluded they could not make any money with the route chosen by CHSRA. Their proposal was not only rejected, but it was kept secret by CHSRA, so that it could say that there had not been any offers made.

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