TRANSDEF Debates US HSR Association Head

Association Head

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The Voice of Russia
Radio hosted an informal debate between Andy Kunz,
President of the US High-Speed Rail Association and
David Schonbrunn, President of TRANSDEF. The

debate runs 6:00.

Here is the introductory paragraph on the Voice of
Russia website:
In California, a project President
Obama promised would transform US transportation may
never be completed. The state’s futuristic high-speed
rail network faces eroding political and public
support, increasing cost estimates and criticism from
some groups who call the project a “train to
nowhere.” But supporters says a national high-speed
rail network would not only support tens of thousands
of construction and manufacturing jobs, but it would
save travelers from being stuck in traffic for hours.
Andy Kunz, president of the US High Speed Rail
Association, and David Schonbrunn, president of
Transportation Solutions Defense and Education Fund,
discuss the present status and the future of this

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