San Mateo Measure W going down to the wire

See updates, below.

San Mateo County’s additional transportation sales tax, Measure W, failed to get a 2/3 majority vote on election night. As the mail-in ballots are slowly tallied, the percentage is creeping slowly towards 66.67%. As of November 25, the count was at 66.55% yes, with approximately 13,000 ballots left to count. TRANSDEF has taken an Oppose position, and has been helping its allies in San Mateo County.

Excellent coverage in the local press:

Daily Post Measure W Editorial

Daily Journal Article

As of Tuesday, November 27, the margin had shifted significantly to 66.87% Yes votes. Concerns have been raised over the change in the trend of the vote count, since last Friday. See these articles, especially the first:

Daily Post article 11/27

Daily Journal article 11/27

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