TRANSDEF Proposes New Approach at TAM

TRANSDEF Proposes New
Approach at TAM

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TRANSDEF appeared at
the Transportation Authority of Marin to propose a
strategic approach to operating the agency. In
particular, the time has come to recognize that the
era of the single-occupant vehicle is over. There
isn’t enough roadway capacity to accommodate all
those solo drivers, and there isn’t enough money or
right-of-way to feasibly do that. Rather than having
a congestion problem, Marin has an expectation
problem, in which people expect to be able to drive

If the smartphone apps for ridematching became
popular, significant numbers of people would be able
to locate someone in real time that is going where
they are going. A modest increase in carpooling could
end roadway congestion, at least on those road
segments without local bottlenecks. This
memo contained some of the
operational ideas. Other Marin-oriented policy
papers are available

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