Walter Strakosch, 1928-2015

Walter Strakosch,


Walter Strakosch,
long-time TRANSDEF Board member and Secretary, and
former Federal Transit Administration planner, died
May 30th, 2015 in San Clemente, CA, where he had
moved to be near his grandchildren.

Walter dearly loved roller coasters, and rode them
till quite late in life. As a member of Marin
Advocates for Transit, he proposed a reversible lane
alternative for Highway 101. Caltrans adopted it, and
was about to build it when additional funding became
available, making it possible to add both north and
south HOV lanes.

Walter was passionately interested in the development
of high-speed rail in California. He attended HSR
Board meetings for over a decade, and frequently
wrote to the Authority Board of Directors.

A memorial service was held June 27th in his church
in Sausalito, where he was much loved as the head
usher. He will be greatly missed.

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