Supreme Court Turns Us Down

Supreme Court Turns Us Down

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In a very disappointing decision, the California Supreme Court today denied the Petitions for Review by the Tos petitioners, the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association and the First Free Will Baptist Church on the Third Circuit High Speed Rail rulings in a case titled California High-Speed Rail Authority v. Superior Court.

Stuart Flashman, counsel for the Tos petitioners, said, “My clients are obviously extremely disappointed in this decision. The Court of Appeal’s decision, which the Supreme Court has now let stand, means voters can no longer trust promises made in bond measures or tax measures.”

Michael Brady, lead counsel for the Tos petitioners, said “The Court of Appeal decision also said the Authority cannot access Prop 1A bond funds until it goes through a rigorous procedure. We will be there to enforce those requirements. In the meanwhile, we will take the Authority to trial in early 2015 on whether the high-speed rail system can meet the bond measure’s requirements (e.g., two hour 40 minute travel time LA to SF). We think the evidence is very strong that it can’t.”

A large number of amicus curiae letters and the Petitions themselves are posted here.


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