TRANSDEF Presents at Annual TRAC Meeting

TRANSDEF Presents at Annual TRAC Meeting

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The 2012 Annual Conference of the Trainriders Association of California was held in Berkeley today. TRANSDEF was invited to co-present the keynote address, along with the Californians Advocating Responsible Rail Design (CARRD) on the topic of Where is High-Speed Rail Going in the Near Term? Elizabeth Alexis of CARRD began with a presentation which laid out the complete picture of what is funded to proceed in the next few years. David Schonbrunn of TRANSDEF then delivered an explanation of why rail advocates are suing CHSRA, entitled Fighting for What Could Be.

Directly relevant to the Opposition brief filed in Atherton III, Caltrain’s Marion Lee presented a talk on Caltrain’s plans for the future, which included this slide, proving the central point we will be arguing in court in Sacramento on November 9: Caltrain is no longer willing to consider a four-track buildout of their rail corridor, which requires the CHSRA to redo and recirculate its latest EIR.

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