Big Flurry of End-of-Year Postings

Big Flurry of End-of-Year Postings


The combination of intense litigation activity and two personal losses resulted in the TRANSDEF website falling seriously behind in 2015. Taking advantage of a quiet spell after the filing of the STB Opening Brief, the site has been reorganized and updated with large amounts of new information.

An entirely new Government Dysfunction section was created. It now contains a page on the proposed MTC-ABAG merger 
and a page on agency failures to communicate with the public. We call it the Wall of Shame. Many of the previous navigation tabs have been consolidated into new Regional Planning and County-Level Planning sections.

New pages have been added covering TRANSDEF’s Caltrain Electrification EIR Challenge and its involvement in Contra Costa County’s proposed 2016 transportation sales tax.

A blog post details the new additions to the Climate Change page. The Taxpayer II page was recently updated.

Be sure to check out these blog posts on private investment in HSR, Mill Valley traffic, Caltrans’ breakthrough in planning, the passing of TRANSDEF Director Walter Strakosch and Marin’s status quo planning.

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