South Bay Leaders Refuse to Follow the Pack

Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors President Joe Simitian of Palo Alto and Mountain View Mayor Lenny Siegel were described in the Palo Alto Daily Post as not supporting Regional Measure 3. Mayor Siegel appears to have agreed with TRANSDEF’s position, expressed in a recent Mercury News opinion piece:

Siegel said that the tech company lobbyist Guardino’s support of the measure shows that big employers are trying to “externalize their transportation costs” by passing them on to the general population.


“Some of us believe that the right way to pay for transit is to tax the employers bringing traffic to the area,” Siegel said. “We’re paying for the cost of having a lot of people work at our tech companies, and I’m not angry at them, but that’s an argument for funding transit from the companies that are growing.”

A later article, Peninsula leaders split over transportation measure, provided a broader view of the disagreements over the measure.

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