VTA–A Study in Massive, Multi-Year Failure

The Silicon Valley Transit Users has posted a superb analysis of the performance of VTA, with historic data on service levels and ridership. This is in preparation for yet another effort by San Jose’s wrong-headed leadership to cut back on transit service levels. Here’s a quote by David Foote that best summarizes the problem:

Our elected representatives at city, county, state and federal levels are doing an absolutely detestable job addressing real 21st Century transportation issues across our entire region. They delight in squabbling among themselves, kicking the can down the road, passing the buck, blaming others, and when in doubt, dreaming up confusing ballot measures and punting the ball back to the voters!

They should, of course, be taking responsibility, analyzing the issues, crafting solutions with their colleagues and doing the job we elected them to do.

Their inactions and inertia have done virtually nothing to eliminate the Balkanized political, planning and funding structures that pit us against one another and guarantee gross inefficiencies, massive waste and long-term sub-optimization.

The time has come for citizens of the greater Bay Area to categorically refuse further support of any piecemeal transportation measures put before us, such as Measure B. We must demand our elected representatives at all levels work together to DO THEIR JOBS, give us meaningful area-wide transportation planning reform, eliminate Balkanization, and start moving us ahead to give us the world-class transit networks we need and deserve.

Nothing less should be acceptable to us. If current office-holders can’t or won’t do their jobs, it is up to us to put our shoulders to the wheel and replace them with people who will.

Tall order? Absolutely. Will take a long time to accomplish? No doubt. But unless people like us start shaking this tree, it is for sure going to fall over on us.


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